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Yeah, Yeah you guessed it, The Word of the Day is Exercise. I mean, how could it not be?! I think most of us could benefit from a little extra physical activity and exercise (and yes they are two different things!)

Physical Activity is anything that you are doing when your body is not at rest i.e. walking, cleaning your room, shoveling snow etc.

Exercise is much more structured, usually with a set goal in mind.

They are both beneficial to healthy living, the terms are just often used interchangeably and I think it's essential to recognize the difference.

HOWEVER, we have to stop making up excuses (talking to myself) and include it in our daily regimen. As for me, I'm working on my consistency. It's my Achilles heel, unfortunately. I can be so stoked about starting my workout plan then I don't stick with it. Believe me, I'm working on this.

I personally believe there's no better self-care exercise than exercise itself. The physical and cognitive benefits alone are well worth it and should always be enough to get up and go workout. But sometimes we have to nudge and push ourselves.

But once we do it and get it over with we are satisfied, then when we begin to see results and we're hooked. The trick is pushing ourselves hard enough and long enough to get to the point where we are noticing results, right? Right.

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