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SELF-CARE WITH EC: Breathing (& Meditation)

Welcome back to Self Care With EC, and thanks for your continued support! It's time for the word of the day beginning with the letter 'B'. Can you take a guess?

It's BREATHING! (along with meditation, cf course.)

One thing that shouldn't be taken for granted is your ability to center yourself and block out negative entities. SOOO much easier said than done, especially living in the Concrete Jungle but it's possible and very necessary, might I add.

• Take deep breaths.

• Silence irrational thoughts.

• Calm anxiety ridden and racing minds.

This act of self-care isn't only good for you but also for those around you (take care of you so you can proceed in taking care of others). Think of it as an investment to the pysche. Sometimes the best things we can do for ourselves is isolate our minds so we can begin restoration of our mentality , physicality and spirituality.

Don't continue to let the cup runneth over...

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