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SELF-CARE WITH EC: Affirmation

Happy New Year! It's important to start to off the new year with positivity and drive. I wanted to begin a challenge that represents just that. I am promoting the act of Self-Care. For the next month I will be posting a "word of the day". I will be kicking it off with the letter A and ending with Z. So let's begin...

The self-care word of the day is: Affirmation.

Reciting affirmations can be vital to self-growth. I am a true believer of your words becoming your actions. Don't just read your affirmations but convey your messages aloud, own 'em! Speak the future your heart desires into existence. Rehearse your quotes and affirmations when you first awake, when you're at the gym, while you're in the shower. Post them around your home so you are constantly reminded (Being Mary-Jane style).

Many of my affirmations are inspired by a book that was recommended to me early last year. Acts of Faith: Daily Meditations for People of Color by Iyanla Vanzan.

Today's gospel is "The divine power within knows exactly who I am!"

What are some of your favorite quotes and affirmations, please leave them in the comments! Also stay tuned for more Self Care with EC coming soon.

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