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EC Hands4Health's mission is to provide preventative and rehabilitative services to each client according to their individual needs. The integrated techniques that are developed in our treatment plans originate from both Western and Eastern medicine. We continue to grow and expand not only our business but our knowledge and awareness in health related issues so we can better serve you.

 View the services we provide below.


Chair massage promotes an oasis in the midst of what can be a stressful atmosphere. It is a great way to enhance wellness in environments such as the workplace. This massage is done over your clothes and doesn't require any lubricants i.e oils, creams or lotions. Target areas are neck, shoulders, back, arms. Strokes include kneading, compressions and tapotement.


Prices vary.


As practiced on professional and collegiate athletes,

Sport Stretch is a floor-mat based routine created by Christy Swiatkowski, LMT. Improve athletic efficacy with Sport Stretch. It can help decrease chances of injury. It aides in reducing muscle soreness, enhances athletic performance, and speeds up recovery process. Even if you aren't an athlete, Sport Stretch can help you manage pain and improve restricted range of motion and flexibility. It can be integrated with massage or done as individual treatment.

(for in home sessions, SS is done on table.)


60 min: $90.00 and up.

90 min: $140.00

120 min: $180.00


Swedish massage provides full-body muscle relaxation. Using broad and general strokes with smooth transitioning to then treat superficial muscle tissue. The pressure during these sessions are typically light to moderate. Swedish massage is beneficial for reducing stress and relieving muscle aches and discomfort.


60 min: $90.00

90 min: $120.00

120 min: $165.00


Deep tissue massage triggers the neuromuscular system to aide in providing therapeutic pain relief. Studies also show that deep tissue reduces anxiety and depression which can be standalone conditions or symptoms of other illnesses and chronic pain issues. Deep tissue massage focuses on high impact areas (i.e. back, shoulders, hips, gluteal region etc.) We always work along with our clients' pain threshold regarding to pressure. 

60 min: $90.00

90 min: $120.00

120min: $165.00


• Reduced pain, soreness, and tightness
• Fast recovery from exercise and athletic activity
• Restored flexibility and range of motion
• Faster recovery from injury
• Relief from chronic issues and conditions
• Feel the difference that professional sports massage can make

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